Update on the Plan for Future Leadership of New Life

In October our congregation voted in favor of a plan to bring Mark Moser into leadership of our church in three phases, taking us to a date in 2016 (yet to be determined) when they would vote on whether to call him as lead Pastor (Phase Three).

Phase One is the present year. Mark has been meeting with the Session, pastoral staff and full staff as often as his current work schedule permits. This has included the Session retreat and planning meetings with Steve Smallman and Marc Davis.
In addition to working with the staff, Mark has met with Elder John Timlin of the Personnel committee to discuss his role in 2015 as well as his financial package (which in 2015 will include up to five times away for teaching). Both the job description and package have been approved by the committee and the Session, at its meeting of December 9. The committee is also charged with meeting regularly with Mark for review and encouragement. The Session recognizes that there are many matters to be considered once 2016 is in view but has chosen to focus at this point on the coming year.

The following is Mark’s job description for 2015 (Phase Two):

Job Title: Director of Discipleship and Adult Education

General Responsibilities:

  • Full participation as part of the pastoral staff
  • Participation with the NLG Session, including committees
  • Preaching approximately 25% of Sunday mornings
  • Personal preparation, which should include times apart for prayer, reflection and study.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Oversight and administration of Adult SS ministry
  • Oversight and coordination of Community Groups
  • Communication with current leadership
  • Determination of need for new groups
  • Training of current and new leaders
  • Placement of members and attendees in groups (coordinated with Associate Pastor and others)
  • Oversight of New Members’ orientation
  • Guide the teaching of the class itself
  • Prepare members for Session interview
  • Endeavor to place new members in smaller communities
  • Pastoral staff liaison to Deacons and Diaconal ministries

Unique Expectations for 2015:

  • Completion of presbytery requirements for licensure and ordination
  • Joining the staff in January in an unordained and then ordained capacity (hopefully by September)
  • Oversight by the Personnel Committee of the Session with particular attention to areas where lack of experience has been identified
  • Regular (weekly or biweekly) meeting with Steve Smallman
  • Regular briefing with Marc Davis and others on current pastoral cases with participation as appropriate
  • Continued efforts to meet and know as many in the congregation as possible consistent with other responsibilities
  • Attendance at seminars, consultations, counseling, as able consistent with other responsibilities
  • Freedom to be available for up to five teaching/consulting opportunities when he would be away from the church during business days