Repent Right Now

“We are very pleased to be able to pass along this challenging word from Dr. D. Clair Davis. Dr. Davis is Emeritus Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary (and the father of our own Marc and Erik Davis). He was part of New Life from its earliest days and will be the preacher for our Missions Sunday on March 16. We welcome his wisdom and will welcome his word from our pulpit.”  – Steve Smallman Isn’t it wonderful to have your own

Doing Church, Part 1: Prayer

You know that New Life Church is down a pastor or two these days. Some of you have expressed concern for me in our current shorthanded situation–I appreciate it. But I believe that, in God’s providence, the departure of leaders can be a very good opportunity for all of us who remain to grow in our understanding and practice of “doing church” together. This is potentially a good season of reminder to all of us that the church is not

New Life is Forty Years Old in 2014

Where were you in 1974? Many of you weren’t born yet. But in Jenkintown and Abington God was stirring the pot and bringing to birth a baby church we now know as New Life Presbyterian Church of  Glenside. If you are part of New Life Glenside, you are part of a church that has impacted the world, and the reality is that the impact is in the present, not just the past. Forty seems to be the biblical timeframe for

Encouragement from Rose Marie Miller

This is the text of the remarks Rose Marie brought to us in Sunday morning worship on December 29, 2013.  We wanted to make these available to everyone to read over again slowly. – Marc Davis Your elders have asked me to say a few words perhaps to help us understand how the church moves forward at a time like this. So thank you for this opportunity. It was a shock to all of us when we heard that God

Welcome to the New Life Blog

This week we are beginning a column that we hope will serve to strengthen communication between pastors and congregation. Marc, Sean and I, with occasional guests, will try to write something “extra” each week that you will find helpful in terms of your personal life or your understanding of what is going on in our church. For your part we hope you will take the few minutes necessary to read, reflect on what we say, and when appropriate write us

The Importance of Keeping Jesus Central

I was both encouraged and challenged by reading a recent article in a theological journal from Covenant Seminary (my alma mater) that insisted that reading and study of the Gospels needed to be paramount in the life of the church. The article is entitled, “Not by Paul Alone: The Importance of the Gospels for Reformed Theology and Discipleship” (Presbyterion, Volume XXXIX, #2, Fall 2013). The author is Michael F. Bird who is a theological professor in Australia. Bird’s contention is that