Fiscal Year 2018-19 in Review

Greetings New Lifers! 

I can’t tell you how encouraged I am by all God has done this last year! This includes the many generous contributions to our capital campaign, a demonstration of our eagerness to be faithful stewards not only of our facilities, but of the future of New Life. 

Capital Campaign contributions began in December 2018, and to date we have received over $600,000. Beyond this, the total pledged amount over three years exceeds $2,100,000, a sure sign of your commitment to a continued gospel witness right here, at the intersection of Jenkintown and Easton roads.

In addition to this, faithful giving to the general budget continued. The approved budget for FY2019 totaled $1,048,280, yet we only spent $1,035,825. Since the contributions to the general fund totaled $1,024,656, a shortfall of $11,169 remained, which was covered by previous savings.

This year $67,000 was spent on local outreach, which includes two main categories: events and people. Events included the Glenside Art Fair, Craft Fair, parking lot events, Flea Market, Movie Nights, the 4th of July Party, Tuesday Night Talks, ESL, and Summer Camp. With regards to people, we supported missionaries and gospel laborers at various places, including colleges, church plants, and ministries like Every Good Gift, and Harvest USA. 

World Evangelism & Ministry received $168,000 of our funds, most of which supported 20 missionary teams throughout the world, through organizations like Serge and Mission to the World (MTW). In total, our commitment to missions represented at least 22% of the budget, which does not include the time spent by our pastors in outreach and missions. We should also note that New Life sent 39 people on summer mission trips, many of whom received individual contributions from our congregation members.

Expenses included about $405,000 for staff salaries and benefits, as well as $395,000 for general operations, administrative costs, and facilities. The latter consisted of utilities, property insurance, equipment, snow removal, maintenance, etc.

The people of this church are truly generous. But to God be the glory for all He has done. He has shown us how to give by giving to us first, in Christ!  (2 Cor 8:9)

For the King!

Pastor Mark