What We Believe


New Life has always been a community captivated by the gospel (“good news”) of Jesus Christ. We are people who have found in our lives a great liberty that comes from receiving the Bible’s proclamation of God’s free, self-initiated love for sinful people. Our desire is to be a church where people acknowledge their sinfulness and come “as they are” to Jesus Christ, the Savior of sinners, and to the Father who adopts rebels into his family and gives them the rights and privileges of sons and daughters.


Jesus graciously transforms people. This is why our church is called New Life: we have hope for the future because our God is the one who breaks destructive life patterns and gives people the power to live differently.

The Church

New Life is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America. We are not oblivious to this era’s suspicion of organized religion. But we are nevertheless quite self-consciously transparent and open. We are a church because the New Testament teaches that the Church was established by Jesus himself as a pattern to be followed. As a church, we find ourselves in communion with other churches from various denominations and cultural contexts who acknowledge the Bible alone as God’s authoritative word.


New Life has pastors and officers who lead the ministry of the church. But we believe deeply in “every member ministry” and desire as a community to each play our part in the large and generous purposes of God.


We are committed to the well-being of the larger community in which we have been planted—the diverse suburbs of Philadelphia along the Easton Road corridor in Eastern Montgomery County. We are glad to be a part of a network of churches seeking the good of the city, while also engaging our immediate community with acts of mercy and the good news of Jesus Christ.


It is our desire to be a generous church, to use boldly all the resources with which God has entrusted us to bless a needy world. Part of this stewardship is our history of sending our greatest resource, our people, out into a needy world. Many men and women active in churches around the world today, spent time at New Life. We continue to desire to be a training center for leaders and to “send our best” in the years to come to plant new churches and serve a broken world in every way until our Lord’s return.


As a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, New Life is committed to the Westminster Confession of Faith.