The Ministry Center Landscape Maintenance Team serves the church and our community by cleaning up and maintaining our property.  Help the team with various tasks—mowing, raking, trimming, repairing fences and masonry.

Building Maintenance and Repair

The Ministry Center Building Maintenance and Repair Team serves the church and our community by maintaining and repairing our ministry center.  Help the team dust, clean, paint, or with more serious plumbing, electrical, or construction work.

New Life Historical Society

The New Life Historical Society researches and documents the history of New Life Presbyterian Church.  Our facility is one of the oldest buildings in the area, once the Hotel Weldon and later the Casa Conti.  By researching this history, we extend our involvement in the community and participate in the Keswick historic district and associated community events.

Street Sign Helpers

The Street Sign Helpers are responsible for changing the lettering on the Easton Road street sign as directed by the church staff. The sign is updated approximately every 3 weeks and is a great way to convey information to the community.

To volunteer for or learn more about any facilities-related service opportunities, contact Ed Spector at espector@newlifeglenside.com.