Community Groups

The Christian life is not intended to be solitary. In fact, we believe that God’s ordinary way of accomplishing extraordinary things is by the work of his Holy Spirit through the words of Scripture in answer to the prayers of his people—all in the context of Christian community. Community means more than spending time with friends with whom you have a lot in common — community is a powerful thing. Things happen in community.

People change in community. We hear God’s Word from each other and wrestle in conversation with how to apply it to ourselves. We pray for each other that the good news of Jesus will make its way into the nitty-gritty details of living. We work together to replace old ingrained patterns with new ones that honor Christ. Christian lives lived well provide a pattern for others to follow as they “work out [their] own salvation” (Philippians 2:12).

Mission flows out of community. On our own we turn inward and tend to be absorbed in self; in community we “stir one another on toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24). People who are exposed to Christian community are exposed to Christ in a unique way—one that cannot be replicated in a relationship with a single individual. Vision for mission grows as believers talk and pray together. Healthy Christian communities are in the habit of sending their members out to serve in new ways in new places.

People find help in community. Christians bear one another’s burdens, help each other in a thousand practical ways, and encourage one another to press on in healthy directions when they join together in community.

For all these reasons, New Life encourages all who come into our larger community to become involved in a Community Group. Some groups gather weekly, some less frequently. Most gatherings are in homes. Gatherings happen in various neighborhoods at many different times throughout the week. Several are especially welcoming to children. All are open to visitors.

For help in connecting to a Community Group, please talk to Pastor Mark Moser or email


New Life Glenside Community Groups

You are invited to join one of our Community Groups. Please contact the group leaders directly or call the church office at 215-576-0892 for help finding a group near you.

Glenside: 4pm
Kenneth & Shu Yan Teo
Anyone is welcome, especially those from outside the US—children too!

Glenside: 7:30pm (1st & 3rd)
Daniel Ho, Siu-kuen Azor Hui
Chinese Bible Study and fellowship group

Lafayette Hill: 7pm
Josh & Laurel Chapman
Anyone is welcome, including children!