New Life’s missions program reflects the church’s desire “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known.” All of our missions endeavors occur in order for his name to be made famous in every nation.  In order to do that, we:

  1. Involve as many church members as possible in world missions through prayer, short-term trips and regular contact with our missionaries.
  2. Continue to send long-term missionaries from our church family. We currently have over 20 New Life families serving as missionaries in 10 countries.
  3. Invest our financial and personal resources in missions.
  4. Support our missionaries in a thoughtful, intentional way, recognizing that missions is a partnership.

For more information, contact Kurt Wood.

Missions Support

Long Term Mission Support

To be considered for long term mission support, please submit a Long Term Mission Support request form to the Missions Committee at missions@newlifeglenside.com.

Missions Mentoring Funds

The Missions Mentoring Fund is intended for the encouragement and assistance of church members who are investigating a possible missionary vocation. It is administered by the Missions Committee.  To request Missions Mentoring Funds, please submit an Application for Missions Mentoring Funds Interactive Form to the Missions Committee at missions@newlifeglenside.com.

Missionaries We Support

Rick & Donna Buddemeier

Russ & Debby Chasteen
Greater Europe Mission

Joe & Bev Fitzpatrick
Puerto Rico, Mission to the World

Harvest USA
Philadelphia, PA

Bob & Keren Heppe
Southall, London, Serge

D & G H
Creative Access, Serge

Mike & Karen Masso
Kenya, Serge

Elizabeth Matthias
Germany, Mission to the World

Rose Marie Miller
Southall, London, Serge

Bob & Nancy Osborne
Jenkintown, PA, Serge

Drew & Linka Parlee
Greater Europe Mission


Long Term Mission Support Request form

Application For Missions Mentoring Funds

Youth Missions Trip Donation form

Adult Missions Trip Donation form

Policy on Support Criteria for Indigenous Workers