An Announcement from the Pulpit Committee

Dear New Life family, It is with great excitement that the Pulpit Committee would like to share with you the culmination of our long work. It is our recommendation to you, the congregation, as well as the Session, that Mark Moser be considered for lead pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church. Before the congregation can vote for and extend a call to Mark, he will need to complete a number of steps that we believe will prepare him for this role.

Get Real – Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day

GET REAL is the title of a book by John Leonard that will be the focus of a seminar coming to our church later in September (Friday night and Saturday morning, Sept 19 and 20). The book is about “evangelism”, but I have found it pointing to a very different understanding of what that means. He regularly punctures our stereotypical images, but then goes on to reconstruct a much more biblical and practical approach. For example, he begins one chapter

Christ the Head of New Life Church

We read a recent prayer letter from Rose Marie Miller that started out, “Happy New Year!” She is right; September is the practical beginning of the new year even though the calendar doesn’t turn over for another four months. In the case of our church it also means that we are drawing close to the celebration of our 40th anniversary on October 26. In anticipation of that celebration we are going to start this new year with a look into

Irresistible Profanity

Dad attended Kiowa High, a small town high school on the plains of Colorado. At Dad’s 70th (!) class gathering, he got a standing ovation. He told the story of a man who had missed class reunions for decades. When he finally went, he wasn’t sure he would know anyone. But then, in the corner he spied a woman he thought he knew. He told her: “You look like Helen Brown.” Offended, she replied: “You don’t look so good in

Giving and Keeping: A Balanced Lifestyle; Reflecting on the ’13-’14 Fiscal Year End Financial Report

A few days before I saw the report of our fiscal year, I was reading Ministries of Mercy, which is Dr. Tim Keller’s excellent book on the work of deacons and the challenge of doing mercy ministry as a church. First of all, the report of our fiscal year, 2013-14 is a “good news/bad news” sort of report. One the one hand it shows that giving exceeded actual expenditures by $4300 (receipts of $949,482 and expenditures of $945,108). All bills

A Statement From The Session Of New Life Presbyterian Church Concerning The Retirement Of Dr. Douglas Green From Westminster Theological Seminary

In June of this year, Westminster Theological Seminary announced the “retirement” of Dr. Douglas Green, Professor of Old Testament. This was not a retirement due to age, and the announcement went on to clarify that it was, rather, the result of a decision by the Board of the Seminary, based on theological issues.  Specifically, the Board found certain aspects of Doug’s teaching to be outside the bounds of their theological standards, the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.  The issues

Prayer-Driven Outreach

Beginning July 1st my job at New Life officially changed. My role now is community relations coordinator. The session has also started an outreach committee of which I am a non-session member. Steve Smallman (Interim Pastor), asked me, Nancy Bower, to write this blog to help explain my role at the church. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few years thinking and praying about outreach ministries and getting connected to our Glenside community. Under the leadership

David and the Big Story

This past Sunday (July 6) I introduced our summer sermon series, which is on the life of David. My first point, before we looked into the details of David’s life, was to reflect on David’s part in the “Big Story,” as I called it. The Big Story is the unfolding of God’s plan of redemption, told from Genesis through Revelation. For me it is a source of great joy and encouragement to be reminded that our Bible is a supernaturally

In Appreciation Of Jack Miller (3): Orphans vs. Sons

New Life was founded by the vision and drive of a remarkable man of God—Dr. C. John Miller, or as most knew him, Jack. There were many others who came alongside Jack, including Rose Marie, his wife, whom we still think of as the “mother” of our church. But as part of our celebration of our 40th anniversary I want to try and capture something of what compelled Jack forward in a ministry that included the starting of New Life

Keep it up, keep at it—since Jesus is in your life

You won’t want to miss this scintillating post by Dr. Clair Davis,, our beloved in-house church historian, starting out with these two tease questions: Is there too much grace in our evangelical churches? Or too much law? —Steve Smallman Is there too much grace in our evangelical churches? Or too much law? Is there something we all can agree on, on how to be clear to each other that the Lord is a holy God, that he cannot tolerate sin