How to use this site

Using the audio archives

Audio content on our website can be accessed via the “Learn” link on the top navigation bar.  Our audio archives are divided into separate pages for each type of message (sermons, AdultEd, and Women’s Bible Study).  To access these pages directly, click the appropriate link in the submenu.

Each archive page has three sections (color coded in the graphic below):

  • Filters – contains dropdown boxes to filter results by series, speaker, topic, or book of the Bible.
  • Audio Player – displays the currently selected content, along with download links for the audio and any related file attachments
  • Related Content – displays other content pertaining to your selection (e.g. if filtering by series, displays other content from that series; if filtering by speaker, displays other content by that speaker)

Browsing the archives

Each archive page displays only one type of message (sermons, AdultEd, or Women’s Bible Study).  Use the dropdown boxes at the top to find what you’re looking for.  You can browse by series, speaker, topic, and book of the Bible.  Upon selection, the page will refresh, displaying one or more results according to what you selected.  It is not currently possible to filter using multiple selections.

Listening to a message

Click the Listen button at the end of each row to load that message — the page will refresh with the selected message displayed in the audio player section.  Simply click the play button on the left side of the audio player to begin playback.

Downloading content

All of our audio content is available for download free of charge for listening on your own device.  Simply click the “Download Audio” link located below the audio player to begin downloading.  Additionally, if there are any files that have been attached to the current message (e.g. handouts, sermon outlines, etc.), they will display below the audio player and above the related content as in the below screenshot (otherwise they will not display).  To open the file, click the file name.  To download to your computer, right click and choose “Save target as…” or “Save link as…”