Women’s Bible Study

Cyndi Darby - March 22, 2021

Lesson 18 Nehemiah 10-11 Cyndi Darby

Nehemiah 10-11

Scripture References: Nehemiah 11:1-36, Nehemiah 10:1-40

From Series: "Restoring the Broken: A Study of Ezra and Nehemiah"

God’s people provoked the Lord to anger. Refusing to listen to the prophets who had been sent to them again and again, they continued in their evil practices and worshipped false gods. As a result, the temple where God’s presence dwelt amongst his people was destroyed and the people themselves were carried off to exile in Babylon. The Promised Land that had flowed with milk and honey became, as Jeremiah the prophet said, a “desolate wasteland.” BUT ————- a word of such hope in the midst of brokenness and loss when 70 years were fulfilled, God’s people would return to the land and rebuild the temple. More than just enabling this return and rebuilding, God set about restoring and rebuilding his people. If you like a love story, intrigue, plot twists, unexpected allies and enemies, perseverance in the midst of opposition, Ezra and Nehemiah, have it all. If the losses, disappointments, and unrest of 2020 have left you feeling disoriented, discouraged, and broken, this study is for you. We will see the persevering, tenacious love of God for his people and his rule over all things. We will see that he is able to restore what is broken, a broken land, a broken place of worship, and broken people. It is a message of hope that we desperately need to hear in our day.


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Women's Bible Study

New Life WBS Fall 2021 Study

Words of Encouragement and Hope: A Study of Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians and the Ephesians

Start date: Wednesday, September 22nd, Thursday, September 23rd, Friday, September 24th, and Sunday, September 26th.

Have you ever thought about what it was like to have been one of those early Christians? How would you know what
a Christian life should look like, especially if you were a gentile convert without knowledge of the Old
Testament? How would you view your future from the perspective of this life and the next? How could you persevere
in the face of doubt, discouragement and persecution? These questions may have been in the apostle Paul’s mind as
he wrote heartfelt letters to these early believers. Since we are not much different from our ancient brethren, what a
privilege we have to read their Spirit-inspired mail! Paul guided them to see beyond their current circumstances while
looking to their risen Lord and anticipating his glorious return.
This year we will take the opportunity to incorporate Biblical meditation as a way to welcome the Holy Spirit to speak
to us through the Word as we slow down and let the words on the page come to life. Each week we will both “dig in” to
uncover the meaning of the passage as well as reflect on the words, phrases, and concepts to allow them to have a deeper
impact on us. This practice may be familiar to you or it may be a new way of approaching your Bible reading. Let’s
develop this purposeful way of reading God’s word and see what riches are there for us. Come and be transformed by
the word of God as he speaks to your heart in our study.

We will study 1st & 2nd Thessalonians during the fall semester and Ephesians during the spring semester.

For more information, please contact Diane Marsh at: NLGWBS@gmail.com or 267.664.5532


Facts for Fall 2021

➢ There will be a combination of ZOOM and in-person offerings (see below for more details)
➢ There will be childcare offered on Wednesday Morning
➢ 2 Semesters:
       o Fall Semester: September 22 to December 15, we will study 1 & 2 Thessalonians
       o Spring Semester: January 12 to April 20, we will study Ephesians
➢ If you are unable to attend the Fall Semester, you will have the opportunity to register in December for the Spring

WBS Goal

To help women meet Jesus through the study of God’s Word, and to see women grow in their faith—transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Each week, women have the opportunity to study the Bible on their own (using questions provided), attend a lecture and discuss the passage in a small group setting.

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Open to women of all ages. Visitors are always welcome.


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