Remember visiting New Life for the first time?

I recently had the opportunity to visit a local church for a conference, and I noted my experience through the entire visiting process.  I don’t think I’m that shy or anxious of a person, but neither am I exactly fearless.  From the time I entered the parking lot I noticed that I felt somewhat comfortable (the lot was in good condition and I had an idea where the front door was), and everything started off well.

I remember opening the front door especially — although there was nothing that special about it I guess.  A few other people had entered it up ahead of me, but I nonetheless felt like I needed just a little bit of courage because I didn’t know what was on the other side of the door!  Am I typical?  I bet I am.

I opened the door into a large and pleasant meeting space, complete with beverages, a sitting area, and a welcome table.  Very nice.  I then saw a few friends (from New Life!) and sat down with them.  I was at ease.  Now was that so hard, Moser?

Now is the “Back to Church” season, as some call it, including the privilege of having guests visit us on a Sunday morning.  Some have just moved in the area, and some have been here a while and finally worked up the courage to try the church they frequently pass on Easton Road.  But no matter who they are, or where there faith is currently, they are a gift from God to us.  It is our privilege to welcome them for a worship service!

If you see someone you don’t know, they might be a guest.  So please try to remember what it was like to step into our quirky building for the first time, perhaps knowing no one!  In other words, have mercy on these people:  you were once one of them.   Say hi! Invite them to our 2nd Sunday lunches, which resume on September 9th. Or better yet, invite your neighbors and friends to New Life!

Ever since Pastor Marc talked about Romans 15:7 last year I’ve been thinking about that wonderful verse.  “Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”  I love the “Therefore” — there’s a reason why we welcome each other.  And the rest of the verse makes this clear: it’s because Christ has welcomed us into the family of God.  It’s the highest act of hospitality the world has ever seen, and we are the recipients.

In the gospel we are welcomed.  Therefore, let’s welcome others to one of the thousands upon thousands of churches on this globe.  To our church.  To our home.

Welcome to New Life!

In the Glorious Gospel of Christ,
Pastor Mark